Lockdown week 20

This afternoon after our walk with the pups, I snuggled down to take a break and watch a little Grey’s Anatomy (I started all the way back to season 1 over the summer and am now watching season 16). I have many things that I could be doing today but a little Grey’s seems like just the ticket with some sparkling water and a few American crackers from an amazing care package I received this week (Wheat Thins are my gold!). I felt a paw from behind and a little dog coming in for the snuggle. I didn’t expect her to land where she did but she snuggled her face in right under mine. Seems like everyone needs a little extra snuggling as we enter week 20 of lockdown or the end of month 5 of strict lockdown.

There are a few chances of lessening. I have a haircut appointment at the end of this week. Hairdressers could reopen last week for the first time with lots of measures in place for safety. Shops could begin to open this week but you have to make an appointment ahead of time to go in and the smaller shops can only have one person at a time in them. It is being called, “Click and Meet.” Unsure of how this totally works, the public is either lining up outside to figure it out or just not going in lately. There are promises of museums opening (with appointments made) and perhaps outside restaurants at the end of the month if the numbers stay as they are, hopefully lower. If they shoot up, we may be back in a stricter space.

And for the first time, I have a few friends with vaccine appointments. Here, you receive a code in the mail when you are eligible to try to get an appointment. Educators for smaller children have started to get codes although the word is that there aren’t as many vaccines as they thought and companies are not delivering as many as they said they would. Ebbs and flows with hopes of vaccines.

This week was pretty lowkey. I am working on a book proposal and I am pouring so much of my time and self into it. It is hard to reconcile this work at times with actual work. It may get rejected and yet I am proud about what I am learning about my process and myself in the midst. The time I dedicate to this project though has me sitting more in spaces that I yearn to get out of so that will be the next creative endeavor to figure out.

So we continue on with our snuggles and projects and Grey’s and new movies that are now streaming (Nomadland is gorgeous btw and Moxie helped me feel better about the world yesterday).

How are you holding up?

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