Wearing my green and other tidbits

A few years ago, in the midst of my life falling apart, I was working at the church and my dear friend Chris who had the office down the hall from me peeked in to say, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” I grumbled a response but then he said, “Let’s go to a place with great margaritas and just be in the day.” He called up his brother who quickly joined us and we walked down to our place of choice, a local pub that doesn’t look like much but has awesome margaritas (Thank you Mad Hatters). We each had a margarita and before too long we were singing along with whatever song happened and had more than we should. We walked home (all of us lived in the hood at the time) and called each other the next day to compare our mid thirties hangover (no longer the bouncy 20s comeback after a night with too many margaritas).

I remember that night fondly because of a few things…

  1. We decided that even in the midst of uncertain times to celebrate the moment.
  2. I was surrounded by friends that I trusted and who knew exactly how to get me out of my head.
  3. It was a moment in time that we all seized and just…were.
  4. I felt as though I belonged in that hodge podge group of people in that hodge podge place down the street.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day again and again the future seems uncertain. I am in a much better place than I was then but I miss nights like that night. At the same time, I am reminded to celebrate the moments that are and embrace what is good about right now. I do feel as though I belong in this little hodge podge place at this weirdly hodge podge time even if I want to move forward into different places and times.

I am wearing a green shirt today because it is engrained in my being that we should wear green on this day BUT I wear it not to avoid pinching but to celebrate this moment at this time. I had coffee this morning with a neighbor who has become a dear friend (I wrote from her place recently) and we celebrated our friendship over coffee and packing boxes as she prepares to move. It was a bittersweet moment in time. The place she is moving is full of good things for her even though I will miss having her upstairs dearly. I have learned, among many other things about living in Europe, to not rush through these moments but to dwell just a little longer. In the US, I used to allot an hour to a coffee meeting. It was as if everyone could only spare 40 mins to an hour so I could schedule out coffee after coffee. Here, that hour is not assumed, it is almost the bare minimum and even then you will probably stay longer.

In other tidbits and news, the vaccine conversation continues to be the big one around here, the 18 month old that I care for can now say, “I love you.” and its just about the cutest thing as his “l”s are more like “w”s and the elliptical we bought to be in our kitchen is a helpful way to start the morning in lockdown. The numbers are shooting up here which means that the loosening of lockdown will probably be reversed but we pray it isn’t. My cooking through lent class just got sent recipes for Main Dishes and I am excited to see what is up and the book proposal is coming along.

How are you holding up? What are you up to? What are you reading, watching, creating?

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