Spring is here – lockdown week 21

We made the most of this week around here as we tiptoed into Spring. We soaked up moments of sun as we yearn for more of it, took our time to contemplate and walk with new little purple crocuses and managed to enjoy the days. I even got a haircut!

Hairdressers had been closed since October and reopened just last week with reduced numbers and safety measures so I decided to take advantage of this little bit of lessening.

This week shops were also allowed to open with appointments only and again with reduced numbers and safety measures. The news reported that if numbers stayed relatively low then things would happen this week like restaurants offering outside seating and hotels might even be able to open. Since Ana’s birthday is this week we were really hoping this could be the case. Could we get out of this concrete neighborhood for a weekend to celebrate? I was getting hopeful…..

But yesterday it was announced that the numbers are just too high and with vaccines just not rolling out and the variants so contagious, our lockdown was extended to April 18 with extra measures for Easter week and a possible nightly curfew if numbers rise.

I am taking it hard, dear reader. I was getting too hopeful with the arrival of spring. It will be ok and I will be patient but dang, it is hard to watch the US open more from here while we hunker down even more.

I have plans to start seeds this week and to walk the dogs. I am “attending” another writers conference this week which is helpful and motivating but…dang it! This is ROUGH!

So keep us in your thoughts, reader, please.

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  1. That is soooo disappointing to be back in lockdown. I’m so sorry. The sunshine here is making me feel a little hopeful for the future. And I just received my first Covid vax today; the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde are generously allowing all adults over 18 to be vaccinated at their clinic. Sovereign nations get to make their own criteria!

    I hope your numbers improve soon.

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