Happy Easter (and lockdown week 23)!

The Easter season has begun! Starting today we get 50 days of Easter, a season of new life, resurrection and hope.

Yesterday our friends Petra and Nevena came over. Under the current restrictions, we can have two households and up to 5 people in the same place. That all changes tomorrow with stricter restrictions beginning (more in a min) so we figured it was time to make this happen while we can. Both of our households have been isolated and we wear masks. We kept our apartment aired out with windows open and the sun was out so it seemed springy.

Because of our isolation and lockdown and cautionary lives, we felt like this was definitely the event of the season. We pulled out all of the stops. They arrived at noon and we began with mimosas and smiles. I went all out for brunch and made quiche for the first time, from scratch cinnamon rolls and grandma’s carrot cake. I bought so much fruit and threw together a lovely green salad with colorful little tomatoes. We had coffee and bacon and little chocolate bunnies for everyone.

In the evening I got to help lead a service with the church I work with in Portland over zoom and then stayed up late to facetime with my family as they gathered at my mom and dad’s. Almost everyone is vaccinated in the immediate family and with masks and an outdoor feast they had an almost normal Easter. It is my dream to rejoin with them in a holiday. I can’t wait to actually hug them someday, it has been a solid year and a half since I have gotten that privilege. The homesickness really kicks in these days especially around such possibilities.

In the morning, when I was walking the pups, I was reflecting on how when the women arrived at the tomb it wasn’t all celebration yet either. It was early and terrifying without a way forward, without knowing the path ahead or without any certainty. It was all unknown much like we are facing the future now. There is hope and new life that is possible but it all seems so terrifying and uncertain.

Starting tomorrow, meeting with other households is no longer allowed and you can only walk around outside with one other person. There is kind of a curfew that will kick in from 9pm to 5am each day with limitations on how many people can be around. It will be interesting to see if any of it will make a difference. It feel as though the only real difference will come in the form of vaccines which have been completely stopped for any of us under the age of 60. So we wait and read and listen and hope.

We have almost hit 6 months in lockdown…of being here without many options of anywhere else. I am constantly praying for something to shift. Maybe the Easter season will help.

How was your Easter Day?

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