As I write….

As I sit down to blog this morning, the snow is falling again. It moves rapidly, almost sideways as I sit near by to write about how Easter season is going so far.

But this feels like the perfect example of how it is going so far.

In my window sill I am propagating seeds. I have starts for peas, tomatoes and some herbs. I have cuttings from a begonia that I am propagating around our apartment poised for future gifts or more plants just surrounding us for different shades of green and blooms. And outside while they reach for light there is a dusting of white accumulating. You can barely see the flakes in the pictures because snow doesn’t always like to show up for such things but outside it is really coming down.

Two days ago the sun would peek through for a moment before another hail storm and big winds blew through. Yesterday, the snow picked up and every hour or so there would be a flurry which seems to be todays pattern as well. If this were January or February I would be thrilled. I would get cozy in our apartment with my coffee and candle and dream. But in April this seems like an extension of Lent that was unwelcome.

I am ready to celebrate with Spring. I want to plant and grow things. I want to put my starts on the balcony without fear that they will freeze by tomorrow. I want to plant in the ground and watch things take off around me. I yearn to propagate the world with green around me to get rid of some of the concrete beige that keeps us in this lockdown.

And I yearn for Easter to happen in which something shifts and we can gain parts of our life back. We are safe and healthy but everything in Germany feels like its on pause. It is almost as if Sunday never happened and we got stuck in Holy Saturday with bated breath waiting for something to happen around us. I wanted Sunday to happen so badly that I broke out the amazing brunch and just two friends came over but it felt like the best party, we have been waiting so long. But then Monday came and it was the same stuff only on Tuesday we had stricter restrictions to look forward to, not a re emerging like I had dreamt.

In some ways, the snow is a gift because it means we aren’t quite ready for full on Spring around here. The weather makes us exclaim about what is happening and isn’t that crazy?! And perhaps that is just what we needed to even if we didn’t quite know it yet.

So while I write I also wait and watch and pray. It may be time for Spring and Resurrection elsewhere but here, we may just keep waiting for a bit. It will come and when it does, I will be so ready.

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