Lockdown week 24

On Friday night Ana excitedly announced, “I’m making crepes in the morning!” Our dear friends had brought us a little flat of strawberries so of course this was the only correct way to make sure to eat them up and appreciate them on Saturday. We have never made crepes so I helped to find a recipe and she took it on. In Serbia, these are called pancakes and there is a similar pancake creation here as well even though pancakes as I know them are pancakes here as well.

I promptly went out to buy the Milka version of Nutella for these amazing creations as well. We had a lovely brunch crepe feast on Saturday morning which rich coffee and even though we had other options for crepes, the choco nougat and strawberry combo won out for both of us (and a dollop of whipped cream for flourish).

We are trying to find the small delights as we approach finishing up 6 months of lockdown in this place. Yesterday, Ana’s sister got married in Belgrade and due to the state of things we decided it wasn’t wise or safe for us to travel (not to mention could be illegal next week…who knows). We cooed over the pics that rolled in and videos and were thrilled to facetime in for a few moments to their incredibly reduced but still joyful celebration as they sat outside with masks and distance. We couldn’t believe we couldn’t be there for the cake and music. We so wished to be there although we have made so many promises to celebrate soon. I can’t wait.

Vaccines are still sparse. There are conversations this week about a national uniform lockdown instead of state by state which could mean an even stricter state of lockdown although it feels like things really aren’t enforced as much as they should be here to keep down cases. We keep watching and waiting as Germany has conversations with Russia about their vaccine and try to find a German supplier that will be able to manufacture vaccines as well. Everything seems on the cusp but without action it is hard to watch.

Keep sending us your love and good vibes and great recipes. Happy Monday!

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