Spargelzeit around here

It is that time of year in Germany when you see it at every grocery store and market stand. It will happen quickly, this part of the season, but it is a lovely sight to see after a long season. Yes, I am talking about Spargelzeit or Asparagus season.

Asparagus here is celebrated. The most popular type of asparagus in these parts is white asparagus. All of a sudden it will be on every menu in many different forms. Spargel soup. Spargel spears. Spargel on the side or below a meat or in a salad. The white kind is something I didn’t encounter until I traveled to Europe and then moved here. I am more of a fan of the green stalks that taste a bit grassier. The white kind is a bit tougher but it blends easier.

This is something I really enjoy about German culture, it truly celebrates what is in season. You can’t get asparagus year round here. It doesn’t appear as a staple. It comes just now and lasts only as long as it lasts. This part of the season is also so welcome because it means that spring is finally upon us. Spring has been hard to see so far. Just last night it got below freezing temps again which means that usually while I have lettuces already growing on the balcony I must wait but the asparagus that is appearing is giving me just a smidgen of hope.

The next thing that will be celebrated and I just cannot wait will be fresh and in season strawberries. Already, we have been buying them up and enjoying. They will only get better very very soon. Asparagus makes our mouths water for the strawberries to come, another yummy spring seasonal sight to see. Pretty soon those same white asparagus lined market stands will be bright red with seedy strawberry yumminess.

Then I will know I can plant without worry of freezing. There will be more rain and little flashes of sun but I won’t worry about the freak snow storm of the frozen tips of my plants. I have starts growing away inside just ready to be transplanted very soon. Don’t let me down, Spring. We need you right now more than ever as the lockdown has been extended and news feels pretty disappointing and we long for somewhere/anywhere to go away from these four walls if only for a weekend.

Come on, Spring! We are rooting for you!

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