Lockdown week 25

We have surpassed the six month mark in the continuing lockdown with news last week that it would be extended until May 9th. More and more I am coming to the realization I may just have to turn 40 in Berlin. We shall see. I am pretty determined to not be in this apartment for my 40th birthday on May 15th even though Greece’s borders don’t open until that weekend and supposedly Spain is opening May 9th but flights are being cancelled left and right from what I hear through June to Spain.

So where would we go? A train to Switzerland? Not really what I had in mind. Italy is still closed. Iceland is only open to the vaccinated, same with a few other locations. A few countries are open but also have the highest numbers of COVID so perhaps not the smartest move (lookin at you Macedonia and Croatia). Malta doesn’t open until June and Portugal isn’t sure. Ireland is still closed until who knows when as well. So we wait and see.

This week did bring some good news that I will wait and share. I don’t want to get my hopes up too highly but the possibilities are hopeful. Fingers crossed.

We tried a wedding cake flavor this weekend that I suggested and Ana was skeptical about but she loved it! Rose is our new favorite thing for a cake and never had I thought I would say that I am drawn to light pinks as perhaps my color for our wedding. I ordered a dress that could be the wedding dress depending on fit and fell in love with some flower ideas for me to carry down the aisle. Little by little we are figuring this pandemic wedding thing out. We are starting to call it wedding part 1….just waiting to party with our people when we can in the future for wedding other parts (2? 3? and 4? depending on how many parties and where). 🙂

In lockdown, when you are in the apartment all of the time even when you are busy you feel not so busy because you never go anywhere. I work on projects but it happens from my couch. It is a weird way to be in the world. We are made for stimulation and variance. It comes with a fair amount of ups and downs.

Carrying on into lockdown week 25…here we go!

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