Week 30 – Lockdown but less of it…finally….hopefully…

Last night we flew home to Berlin from Belgrade, Serbia.

We had a last coffee outside (which is similar to Turkish coffee there) and walked around the lake in the city with Ana’s mom before getting to the airport to make our way home.

We were both ready to come home to our pups and Berlin which was a really great feeling. For over seven months it has felt as though we just wanted to get out of the lockdown that we were under and to feel as though we wanted to snuggle into our bed…well, that is a nice reprise.

We also knew that we were returning to a little different Berlin. While in Serbia, the incidence rates dipped low enough and for long enough that on Saturday restaurants got to open their outside seating and a few museums got to open again. To eat outside at a restaurant here now you have to have a negative test (less than 24 hours old) or proof of vaccination or proof of COVID recovery in the past 6 months. Plus you must have a reservation.

On public transit on the way home, Ana and I could see people eating outside. It is happening! This feels so amazing to see and then think about going to eat somewhere! There is still quite a bit of restriction around us…medical masks still only (FFP2) and still lots of restrictions around shops and such. BUT the rate continues to go lower as vaccinations increase (direct correlation people) and the idea of summer being more open is a good thing for us. We are hopeful that perhaps we could have a meal with our close people on our wedding day. Let’s hope!

I think Pushkin’s face says it all about our hope…and his time at the doggy hotel…AND today is his 6th birthday! What a day!

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