A most significant day….

Today it feels like Spring but not even on the verge of summer. We are back from Serbia fully and both at work on our computers with different things. We are 51 days away from our wedding and trying to figure that all out. Our pups are exhausted still from their adventures while we were away and sleeping so soundly you forget we have two of them. This Wednesday is full of chores and checking in.

A year ago today we were smack dab near the end of the first wave of Corona. We had no idea what was to come. I was bummed that I was supposed to be in the US but it had been cancelled and had no idea that I wouldn’t be home in Oregon by now. I puttered on my balcony which was much warmer by now than it is today. I planted a lettuce wall (still too cold here and windy to do much yet) and dreamed of normal which I no longer have such a huge concept for.

Two years ago today we lost my newest nephew who had been with us for two weeks on this earth. I wasn’t able to be there but would come a bit after. Today I light a candle for him all day and remember what presence he was for all of us, what a light he was and how he will always be remembered.

Three years ago today I had moved to Berlin and settled in just a teeny tiny bit. I had arrived the day before and celebrated with friends who travelled all over Europe to get here to welcome me home. We cheers-ed each other and sat in the sun. We reminisced about our Camino life.

Four years ago today, in the pouring rain, Ana and I entered into Santiago after 800 km of walking across Spain on our 36 day pilgrimage. We stood out in front of the Cathedral while everyone was under cover and smiled so big. We celebrated and then we slept hard after such a journey. While we had been through so much, our journey had just begun.

Cheers to that!

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