Back to lockdown lite….week 31

On Friday we went to a restaurant…in Berlin! It was the first time in almost 8 months that we could and it was allowed and we did it. We made the reservation (you have to have a reservation) and we got our negative tests earlier in the day (you have to have a negative test from a place that same day) and we bundled up (it has to be outside and its still chilly here) and went to our table. We were the only ones for most of the time. The waitstaff was nervous and kind of rusty on how to do this but the food was great and the company even better and our experience was beyond exciting.

We are back to what was called lockdown lite around here. You can eat outside at restaurants again with all of the steps I outlined. You can go to shops with the same steps taken. There is no longer a curfew but medical masks are still a must and there are still precautions and warnings.

Vaccinations are rising …thank goodness. And I get my second dose on Tuesday which I am both so excited about and nervous. AND it looks like we might actually get to have like 20 people at our wedding events which is just…so amazing.

The other thing that I am just so excited and grateful for is the garden. I spent a little over an hour with my co gardener wedding and planning yesterday. What a gift! In the spring sun!

We are looking forward to the week ahead!

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