A second dose!

Yesterday I hopped in Sebastian’s car (papa to the kiddo I nanny) to head back to Blankenburg for my second dose of vaccine. The journey there was less epic than my train rides before but still three hours of travel.

I hopped out of the car in the village, walked into the doctor’s office and about 40 minutes later I was vaxxed with my second dose.

I am so lucky to have people watching out for me and advocating for me. I am so lucky to have contact with a doctor who was careful to check in with me and carry on efficiently. She chuckled that she knew I got up in the middle of the night to arrive early.

After some food and a few errands in the village, we were back on the road to take me to the train in Magdeburg. Two trains and a bus ride home later, I was home with lemonade made by Ana by 3pm. My arm is a bit sore and I am tired, feeling a bit slower today, but other than that so far I feel fine.

We have so much more work to do on vaccinations but here, in Germany the numbers are going lower and lower and are directly correlating to the vaccines become more and more available. It was announced yesterday that hotels will re open starting June 11 and tourists will be welcomed in more readily. Restaurants will stop testing for outdoor eating and hanging out after Friday and indoor dining may open (with testing) this weekend.

We will still be cautious and safe. We will still advocate for caring for one another but I tear up thinking that I get closer and closer to hugging on my family.

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