Not really lockdown anymore week 32

This week has been a busy week around here! Now that things are opening more and more, we can actually plan a bit of a wedding for our little celebration in 39 day from today!

We booked a spot to host about 20 people after our ceremony. We talked to a caterer about food and waiting for their offer (yay tapas!) and I made my ring! We are solidifying a little guest list but thrilled that we can safely and legally have a small celebration after all!

This view (hopefully with less construction) will be the main decoration to our celebration. It is the rooftop from Refugio Sharehaus where I volunteered for my first year and a half or so in the coffee shop that was open pre covid on the first floor. Most of this building is refugee housing but the rooftop is perfect for what we want to do . It is a thriving rooftop with things growing, bees hiving and places to sit and relax.

More updates to come on that development but in the meantime I made my wedding ring! It was really a wonderful experience to go to a workshop and learn from Jens on how to make what I wanted. I love the end result and the story that goes along with all of it.

For three and a half hours I got to learn and then create with every step. You will just have to see the finished product in person…its much better that way.

Otherwise this week has been full of wonderful things to eat as well. It feels like we are just leaning into a bit of summer with cherries, radishes and greens. The radishes and greens come from the garden that I am hard at work in now for many hours a week.

They are gorgeous and taste amazing!

And yes, we went to the dog park yesterday to enjoy the sun. We couldn’t stay out as long as we thought we might due to the sun but we still had a good time.

Here’s to a new season!

For those wondering, there are still a few restrictions and the border to Germany is still closed. Restaurants have re opened and we no longer need to test to sit outside. There are more and more things opening each day and hotels are scheduled to reopen on the 11th. We are hoping that this means Germany will allow vaccinated tourists soon. Both sets of our parents have the go ahead to enter for our wedding with loads of paperwork but it would make it easier for them if there was more opening here and there.

We still must mask as well with medical FFP2 masks everywhere we are except for sitting outside at restaurants and walking along outside. It feels more and more “normal” and yet I wonder how we will all cope with adjusting back to interacting and what felt like normal before. Everything has changed in some ways.

Walks always help in processing those questions and I plan to do much more of it this week to help me think through some of this lockdown life.

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