Another Tuesday (would be lockdown week 33 and still kind of is but also not…)

Gardening, wedding planning and pups….this has been my life in the past week as I watch things open and open, both exciting and overwhelming at times.

The world is opening up in ways that is making me think about how we will all process what we have collectively experienced and yet the touches of summer make me eager to sit outside at a cafe all day and watch the world.

Yesterday, my closest friend here and I sat at our favorite coffee shop for two hours and just talked and talked…about everything and not much. It made me feel so lucky to be able to just sit there if we wanted to. No hurry to leave the cafe. No need to go in anywhere. No need to feel unsafe sitting outside, distanced and with our masks close by if we need them.

Ana and I have been spending time looking at locations to travel just because we can dream about these things now. I had almost forgotten how much I love looking up airbnbs and possible flights and possible places to be. It means I am looking up hotels and houses to be in all over from this city to a possible mini honeymoon right after our wedding.

I try not to think about numbers rising again possibly someday while the green lights are lowering here but I think it is always in the back of our minds.

In the meantime I will continue to weed my garden and snuggle the pup and look for signs of life emerging from all of the unexpected cracks.

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