Wedding planning in a pandemic

Exactly one month from today I get to marry an incredible human. Here she is:

As you can tell, she is pretty hilarious and awesome. She is adventurous and grounding for me. She is understanding with a huge heart. Her sarcasm is on point and she balances me out well. I could go on and on about her. But on July 16, Ana and I are getting married and we are pretty darn excited about it.

Last August we began the process of Germen bureaucracy for marriage. Yes, almost a year ago. It takes appointments and paperwork and translation and more appointments and more paperwork and paperwork that doesn’t exist anywhere else and research of that paperwork and embassy visits and finally they (the neighborhood city hall type place) assigned us a date in July. Due to COVID we have to get married in our hood which actually works to our advantage because the chapel for our area is gorgeous for the city hall type place. The buildings are very cool and we figured that one to the win category.

We didn’t think we could have a celebration but dreamed of a small one. Then both of our parents booked tickets and we did all the paperwork for the border police that allows them to come into the country that still has closed borders (looks like they may open just in time).

THEN miracle of miracles happened…the country started to open and we could start to plan a little celebration! Now, we have a little over a month to plan what we want and it will be simple and sweet and lovely and just what we were dreaming of. In a perfect world, we would have gotten more of our fams here and close friends but considering the circumstance it will be great. We are planning on about 20 people to help us celebrate well on a cool rooftop in our hood and most everything will come from local people in our close vicinity.

Just a month left! I never thought I would get to say that I was planning a wedding during a pandemic and yet here we are and I chose the best person to do it all with.

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  1. Parents?! Hooray! Wishing you and Ana much joy on your special day, and always.

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