22 days and counting!

This morning I thought I would have a few hours before the rains came that are scheduled for all day but at the end of the morning pup walk I felt the sprinkles start to fall faster. We made in just in time before it started fully raining steadily and it hasn’t let up at all. It is supposed to be this way all day and while I can go to the garden in this, I would choose not to. The plants will soak up this much needed water and I have time to go tomorrow but that also leaves most of today wide open.

A dear friend just texted that her agenda is catching up on her reading all day, feeling cosy. I guess I need to realign my expectations. While things are opening, I still don’t feel comfortable being inside for very long anywhere else but my home. While I yearn to go cuddle up in a cosy coffee shop somewhere, the inside restaurant is still totally off limits in my mind. We can go inside here if we have a negative test or have been vaccinated. We must wear masks as much as possible inside. Not really the experience I am yearning for but there is comfort in knowing it could be an option if I really wanted it to be even when I don’t quite feel it is safe. What weird times we are still navigating.

I thought about a museum. They are highly regulated with timeslots and appointments, checking to see if you have a test or a vaccine but not sure I even want to figure that out today. It still seems so foreign after so many months in lockdown. Plus today is the first official day of school holidays in Berlin, which could mean more crowds in museums on a rainy day.

Perhaps I should stay inside, perhaps take on a work out, catch up on reading and playing guitar, and perhaps take on a writing time period that I have neglected the past few weeks. And, as always, these days think about what needs to be done in wedding land. We are in pretty good shape. We signed the contract with our caterer and got the final letter confirming the location for our little 20 person celebration. We paid for the cake yesterday and I got the things I ordered to have minimal decorations on our tables. The flowers will really be the stars and I am eager to see them when it is time. I am crossing my fingers that my dress arrives today and that it fits just right. It was supposed to be here two weeks ago and then last week and hopefully now. Just 22 days away! We are both pretty excited about it all. July is next week! Wow!

What do you like to do on a rainy day? Coffee is the first thing to go get more of. 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Congratulations! I do hope your dress arrives and that it is perfect in every detail.

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