The numbers keep going down in week 35 after lockdown began

On Saturday we loaded up our backpacks with little blankets, bottles of water, our books and a ball for the dogs and set out to walk to Treptower Park. This is a huge park just a 20 minute walk away that is famous for its position along water on one side, its monuments on another, and mass amount of park in between. It is definitely way high on my favorite parks list. There are these huge trees that I fall in love with over and over again. We wandered through the park which hasn’t been mown in a while to find the perfect spot under the shade after the dogs got their initial running out.

Then Luna found a good stick and Push continued to throw the ball for himself while Ana and I laid on the blankets and just took it all in.

The weather was perfect. There was a light breeze and about 80 degrees which made us feel right at home. We spent a few hours just enjoying before realizing that we should have brought snacks too and loaded up to return home.

Later that evening we joined our friends, Petra and Nevena at a Croatian restaurant we have been wanting to try. We sat outside and enjoyed that space for hours as well. Berlin is really best in the summer when its not super hot and you can sit outside at a variety of places. We keep saying we want to enjoy what we can right now before the numbers have a chance to go back up in the fall and winter and we are stuck in our places again. We are hoping it doesn’t happen but there is a real chance, isn’t there?

In another way that I took advantage of the openings, I decided to explore another museum. It has been months, almost a year, since I got to take advantage of this city’s many museums. While I still have to book a ticket, wear a mask, and be cautious of others around me, it is a true joy to be able to do these things. I chose a museum that is notably Berlin’s most popular and well known, the Pergamonmuseum. I haven’t gone yet because it is always so crowded and then in COVID they took the time to remodel which closed it even before lockdown until recently.

But I booked my ticket and made my way to Museum Island to see what I could see. There still weren’t many people even though this week was the first week of school holidays and the museums have been open for a couple of weeks now. It was thoroughly enjoyable to wander through the artifacts. This museum is most known for the reconstructed Gates of Ishtar which came to Berlin in boxes of pieces after being found. It is awe-inspiring for sure. But I was even more taken with the ancient finds from Syria and Turkey found upstairs including prayer niches and beautiful mosaics.

It was all truly impressive!

This week in wedding news, we are counting down the days and figuring out the logistics. The dress I ordered did come yesterday but it is like three sizes too big and not at all what I expected. I am visiting a tailor/designer today to see what he says about it. I have a back up plan but geez! I guess we couldn’t go without some drama in this department.

Wish me luck!

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