One week!

We made a countdown that hangs in our kitchen. It began in the 30 day range and this morning when Ana, with flare, pulled of the day it revealed that we are a week out from our wedding day! It is all coming together. We are spending a lot of time talking through what needs to be done and the logistics to get there but whenever I get a bit overwhelmed Ana says, “Remember, two months ago we couldn’t have a celebration. This is all bonus.”

She is totally right. Two months ago we were dreaming about having lunch with a few friends outside in park or something and now we have a caterer and a location and 25 of our closest people will celebrate with us, including our parents. We are spending the most on food and beverages because the people and the location are decoration enough. Yes, we have a few decorations but every time I want to expand I remind myself that that is not what is important. As we come together to toast us and eat good food and celebrate this life, that is all that matters. At the end of the day, Ana and I will be married legally and our life continues to be created together.

I have been reflecting a lot lately on the amazing trip it has been to get to this point. Four years ago, Ana and I were still debating on if we would continue to pursue each other from 9 timezones away. Right around this time we made a real commitment to trying to make it work.

Three years ago, I had just moved here because the long distance was just too much to create real life together and we made the decision that I would move to Berlin because it was much easier for me to get a Visa and we had real dreams about travel (we always do).

A year ago we started the process with German authorities to try to get married. It has taken almost a full year to jump through all of the hoops.

So far it has been a grand ride! May it continue!

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