I’m back!

Ana has informed me that she checks my blog every single day hoping for a new entry. And to be honest, dear reader, I just haven’t felt the creative mojo lately.

So in order to try to achieve some creativity back, my wonderful wife (I get to say that now!) has rented me an airbnb just a 15 minute walk away from our home with a desk that overlooks a lovely little courtyard for one night to get away and write. She surprised me with this gift as a thank you for my organization skills in our wedding and honeymoon and life. Plus she knows me and she knows that sometimes what it takes for me is to getaway without duties and distractions…like dogs and house chores…with a designated spot (this cute desk) and for just….time and a different space.

On that note, I have re opened my wordpress page and just started to type. Sometimes that is what it takes too. Just to begin…

It has been a few weeks since you have heard from me, reader!

Here is what happened….last time I wrote we were a week away from our wedding and it was the most perfect day. The only thing we both wished was a little different was that we could have more of our people around us but due to COVID life we could only have 20 or so at our celebration and only 8 at our ceremony. We felt lucky to even have that chance to have our parents and witnesses and people we love around us.

Our ceremony was extremely German but sweet nonetheless. The presider had nice words even when she had to read what we just did so we could sign the affadavit that we had just heard what we just did. Our people surrounded us like champs. We had the best photographer who is also a dear friend with us all day. Then we headed to our celebration on the rooftop of a place I used to volunteer at called Refugio.

Once at the celebration we had the most amazing Spanish food, good drinks for hours, delcious cake made by our dear friend and cafe owner of Hom, and our people hung out for hours and hours in delight. We put on our mix of music which was later taken over by Serbian music and requests. The weather held out and was perfect until it poured when only half of us were left and we moved undercover but stayed to drink and dance more. When we were done having fun, we went home and took a deep breath.

We both looked fantastic. We felt the love and had a blast. Those of you who joined us on zoom, we loved having you as well!

Overall, we are so lucky and full of gratitude! I can talk about our travels after on another day. Since then, I have felt like the day after Christmas or the day after a big planned anticipated event. This is what I suspect the languishing is about. But as we plan for our trip to the US in just two weeks or so, I feel myself returning to post depressive mode.

In the meantime, dear reader, as you wait for more to read, enjoy a few photos of our day…

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