We’re boosted!

This morning we got up earlier than usual and with a hop in our step (as much as we could with a healthy dose of nervousness mixed in). We made our way across the city to a doctor who promised to give us a booster today. Germany is doing much better with vaccinations than the inital months of vaccination but it is still not the easiest event. Our options to get boosted were to go to a place where we would wait for an open time or try to get an appointment at a larger vaccination center. Just when we were trying to figure out what to do as our five month markers came (Germany has agreed to boosters after 5 months for everyone) the family that I nanny for pulled through for us again. They made a connection for us with their pediatrician and she said, “yes! I can give them boosters!”

Today was the day and we took whatever timeslot we could and we got ourselves there. After just a little waiting we trotted into the office and came out soon after, boosted.

What a lovely relief! To be boosted! It is a relief each time I see a child get vaccinated and the ages get lowered. It is relief when tests come back negative and the percentages of vaccinations go up. The numbers of vaccines are going up here because the things the unvaccinated can do are going down. That plan, although seemingly strict, is working and I have to say I am thankful. I am getting on a plane on Monday (as long as flights aren’t cancelled) and the relief expands at it gets safer and safer. The need to hug my parents on Christmas and hang with my nieces and nephews outweighs the nervousness about travel this year and I am doing my part in adding to greater safety as much as I can. Ana will stay home and take care of our home and pups and will be waiting with open arms when I get home two weeks later.

In the meantime, its is below freezing around here so today we are staying in and cozy with Christmas lights on, cuddly pups, lots of tea and minor responsibilities as we see how it all goes. My arm is sore but I will take it for this kind of relief. It is not an end all be all and we will still be careful but it helps in moving through the world even as limited as we do on a day to day basis.

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