Snowing in Berlin

Yesterday morning, groggy and already exhausted before I got up due to the booster from the day before, I got out of bed to take the pups out. Even before I put on my jacket and got them ready a friend had texted that it was snowing. Normally, this is an exciting news story but yesterday morning it was a groan worthy event. If it was snowing, then it would be cold, and the pups would be excited and me, in my booster haze, didn’t want to deal with that.

But by the time I got ready and bundled and got them ready and Luna bundled, I was ready to face it. It was a thin layer of white and pretty soon all three of us, including me, were excited to go tromping through it.

It snowed off and on all day yesterday and we were pretty convinced as we headed to bed after a day of lazing around that the snow would be gone by the time we got up this morning.

For some reason, I was wide awake at 6am this morning. My head was racing about this and that, my upcoming trip, and worries about details and plans and such but I cuddled deeper into bed as I answered a few texts from the middle of the night. I didn’t want to get up out of the warmth but I also knew that I couldn’t lay there much longer. I checked my weather app and cuddled in even more when I read 29 degrees. There was potential of snow but the weather app said all clear for now. Just cold. Really cold.

At 6:30 I decided it was time and left the warmth of the bed to see what I had to find. Bundled again, we three morning critters headed outside to find a flurry of small flakes. The husky, delighted in this development, trotted along. Little dog, twirled around and in the darkness of this morning, it was so peaceful I had to lean in to enjoy even if it was so cold and full of white from the sky. When we returned the husky was covered in flakes and little dog was eager to return to a blanket warmth. This morning I have been watching the snow constantly fall and the world grow whiter. The normal morning sounds are much quieter.

Berlin in the snow has a quality that is so much better than when its just cold or wet. People tend to get even angrier here when the weather gets worse and worse but the snow has a way of making that better. I worry about those caught out in the snow but Berlin has more services than any other city I have lived in as well. When the snow comes, there are more and more warming and sleeping places open.

Kids get into these ridiculously oversized snow suits here and waddle to find the place that might have a little place to slide. Everyone seems to have a sled to ride all of a sudden and we all get more patient as we slide around. Today is day two in snow this season so we shall see what happens today but it is a pretty sight. The errands I put off yesterday have to be done soon but I am not in a hurry to rush back out into the white. In the meantime I will watch from my window with a cup of hot coffee in hand.

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