What to write…what to write…

On my to do list today is to write in this blog. Being a writer means writing even when you don’t feel like it or so I have heard. I am not always so great about this. I tend to have ebbs and flows when I contribute to my own personal blog. During Lent and Advent, writing is more of a discipline since I write a daily email to around 250 people in their inbox but in between it depends on the feeling.

Today, I sat down to write in this space, and really didn’t know what to write. What happened in the last hours to write about? Well, nothing to write about on a blog. It feels a little like we are placing ourselves back in lockdown due to the climbing numbers that seem everywhere. While we could go to restaurants and museums and shops, it really seems wise to limit these outings. We have been limiting where we travel on public transit as well unless we have appointments we must show up to in person. The numbers are hundreds and hundreds higher than they have ever been.

Part of this leave from the church world has been to be able to write. I worked on a book proposal months ago that I haven’t revisited due to what seems to be a barrier. The interest is there but the motivation is lacking. So perhaps I write here in order to keep the little spark of writing alive.

Should I write about past memories and experiences? Sometimes that seems worthy but today it seemed empty.

Should I write about what it is like to live in Berlin? As I have lived here almost for four years, sometimes that strikes true but more and more this is just life here in this place. Our daily life. We speak German here and there but today I haven’t done that. I have walked my pups, made apple muffins, accomplished a workout and some work in my mini jobs and have cleaned our house here and there. Not very extraordinary German like…just life.

I will say, as a sidenote, I notice more and more German traits in these day to day interactions. This morning, while cleaning I made sure to open windows to “air out” our place. This is something I have picked up here as necessity even when it is below freezing outside. It is a must that was never a must before living in this place.

Shall I write about future dreams of travel? At the moment, due to so many variables and covid, those dreams are on hold again so those writings will have to wait.

In the meantime, I will write to write to keep the writing going and perhaps you have a question or prompt you wish me to pursue. I am all ears. 🙂 And of course, the pups are always ready (see pic to the side).

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