Six month-iversary

Today is January 16th. And indulge me for a moment, and I won’t do it every six months except for the first year, but today marks the day that Ana and I have been married for six months. A whole half of a year. Ana did ask me when I brought this up the other day if I would do this every so often. I can’t promise her otherwise but some reason this month count seems significant. A half a year ago, we pulled our wedding together and it was the most perfect day, we both agree. We had 20 of our closest people around us for the day and the above people are the ones who could be in our little ceremony.

It doesn’t seem like a lot but due to the pandemic and life these days it seemed monumental. Up until just a few days before, we didn’t know if we could have anyone but our translator with us as we made promises to one another and signed binding documents. And then our parents could be with us in the country and then they could be with us in the room. And then we could have up to 10 people with us for this part and 20 for our celebration outside on a rooftop and it felt as though we had hit the jackpot. We already felt like two of the luckiest people in the world but this just made it all feel as if we couldn’t get any luckier.

The only downside of the day was that we couldn’t have more of our closest people with us but we also knew that what we had made it a special day. Later on my family had another party to include my siblings and I know we will continue to celebrate but also, on that day, we felt as though we were celebrating this moment well.

Often we look at each other and say, “well, I hit the jackpot here with this one.” That has only grown over the six months for me. I am very lucky and as we approach more life decisions coming up, I am glad to have this partner alongside me.

Happy six month iversary dear one!

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