Fully into Autumn – 32 weeks!!

This the face of my spouse as we talk about how she arrived to 32 weeks in her pregnancy on Wednesday. I am probably mirroring her face as we talk. This is the smile of excitement, overwhelm, a bit of freak out, love to one another, some big feelings all around and…well, many of you know this moment.

We had to switch up our furniture and room situation last week as we prepare. Our bedroom did not have room for a co sleeper so we moved our bed into our living room and moved Ana’s desk into the smaller room. It will become baby space once she goes on leave. We moved our armchair in there as well. We have been sorting newborn clothes for the small dresser and built a shelf for toys.

Our friends are throwing us a little baby shower on Sunday and the reality that she is at full term with our son in just a few short weeks strikes us every once in a while. Wow, we are in this place at this time.

At the same time, it is fully Autumn around us. The leaves are falling more and more rapidly and today was a wet and cold day and much darker than we have seen in a while. It is cozy. The world around us signifies a shifting much like our internal world at our place is moving towards a shift as well. Advent is almost here as well which means a season of thin space, of waiting, and of shifting as well. This time around Advent will be a special and full season for us as waiting moms, waiting for our son to arrive, waiting for our world to turn.

Our pups are adapting as well as they are moving around the shifting of our rooms. Luna has found placs to perch all over the apartment and is not disappointed that she has more access to the bed either. Pushkin is grunting more and more but still happy to be with the pack. He loves running through the wet and cold even though he leaves tracks of mud all around us. I think they will be so excited to have a kiddo of their own. They both love when babies come to visit.

How are you prepping for this new season before us?

Of course, more coffee in my book helps out as well. One of my fav things is to sit outside in the crisp with an Americano at one of the many cafes just a block or so away. This is one of the things of European living that I really love. ❤

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