Updates all around

I bet you were wondering where I was at in my Christmas market goals, eh? As of today, I have gone to six Christmas markets, each with a unique and wonderful vibe. So far the list goes like this….

Christmas Market 1 : Market at Bebelplatz that used to be at Gendarmenmarkt (you can see pics of that one at the last blog). One of my favs each year! I may have to return for a Gluhwein mug though! Think festive mulled wine. 🙂

Christmas Market 2: One weekend only, the Swedish Christmas Market. I drank Glogg and wandered around this sweet and little christmas market. I heard more Swedish than I have since I was in Sweden! Santa Claus appeared and it was lovely.

Christmas Market 3: Lucia Market which is a broader Scandinavian Market. I wished I was hungry because the food looked amazing but I had just had lunch with my dear friend Paige so another day but the lights and atmosphere were amazing. I love this market. I have gone three times now and each time is a delight.

Christmas Market 4: Only last weekend, the Rixdorfer Market does not disappoint in the old part of our neighborhood. Although crowded, all of the stalls are non profit and worth seeing. Plus there are parts of the old town open that are not open other times. I went with a friend and had an amazing time.

Christmas Market 5: Rathaus Spandau was a bit more carnivally than we like in a Christmas market so we quickly walked down to the other part of Spandau to…

Christmas Market 6: Altstadt Spandau! Ana and I loved this little market especially on a late Monday afternoon where there were few people but tons to walk to see. It felt like a different part of Germany as we got our warm beverages and roasted Chestnuts. It was really lovely. It was a big foggy that day so the lights were sweet.

I have a few more on my list to go this weekend and I hope we can get to a few more before our son is born which is now scheduled for Dec. 21! The stubborn baby boy won’t flip into the direction he should be so we have a scheduled c section unless he turns and we go with the flow. We shall see! More to come!

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