Christmas Market update

The weather has turned from cold to pretty dang cold. This morning when I walked the dogs it was a refreshing 20 degrees Farenheit which translates to about -6 Celsius, almost -7. This makes Christmas Market going a little less attractive but it did not keep us from going to two lovely markets last week. So if you are counting this is market 7 and 8. Remember, Ana promised three and man, has she overdelivered! With these two under her belt, attended by her own volition, she has gone to 5 markets with me! 5!

For number 7 we decided, on a random Thursday afternoon which looked like evening to go to a market we have enjoyed in the past. The Heisse Holz Markt is near Ostbahnhof and is in a very cool little complex that on a normal day is awesome to hang out at with cute shops and cafes and an outdoor bar. During Christmas Market time it adds awesome stands, yummy gluhwein and fires all over to keep us all warm. This year it seemed smaller and not as cool but still very awesome ambiance. We enjoyed our warm beverages and then headed home to warm up.

The bonfires were by far the best part along with our warm yummy drinks…gluhwein for me and warm apple juice with mint for Ana. We still enjoyed the lights and atmosphere but then were ready to go back to our cozy apartment.

On Saturday we bundled up and headed out the door towards Kopenick Palace. This is a bit far for us, about an hour on public transport headed east but this Market only happens on this particular weekend and I had read it was totally worth it. Plus I have heard good things about this neighborhood of Berlin and wanted to see it for myself. So we headed out. We had talked about this one for days and had high hopes.

This market and experience did not disappoint! It was great! This one is quickily becoming one of my favs of the season. Very tradtional German Christmas marketty with all of the offerings you would hope for…warm beverages, sausages, the marizpan stall (I am a sucker for marzipan), the cute mugs, stalls of handicrafts and Langosh, signs about all the other yummy trad foods you can eat like ZweibelKuchen and Baumkuchen, and places to wander around a palace. What more could we want? We spent time here and around the old city of Kopenick before we couldn’t feel our toes and decided it was time to find the bus home. That took longer than we wanted BUT we wouldn’t trade our experience!

So far we have really had a great time on this adventure!

In baby news, in one week from today, we head in for a planned C section unless baby boy decides otherwise. Send all the good vibes our way!

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