Best Easter intentions!

On Easter Morning, I wrote on my newsletter that went out each morning during Lent that during the fifty days of Easter I was going to try to write each day of Easter on my blog.

Oh geez, I had the best intentions! I wanted to continue my writing discipline from my email list during each morning of Lent, keep everyone updated about life with a baby, in transition from Europe and back to the States, and write about our adventures in between and then life happened.

Just two days after Easter we hopped on a plane, the first time for the little one to go to Belgrade Serbia for two weeks, where my wife is from. I would like to write more about that trip in another post but suffice it to say, it was busier and took more energy than I anticipated each day. We introduced Tadej to our people and places in Serbia that we love so dearly. He did great but every day seemed important in getting things done together and allowing for naps and rest and all the things. We even took a little side trip with Ana’s parents to a beautiful spot for three days and adventured in fortresses and monasteries. It was a truly amazing and wonderful trip together.

We made it back and home for just one day before we had to head on the four hour train trip to Frankfurt to finish Ana’s green card proces in prep for our move. On the train though I told Ana I felt really different and weird. We got there on a Tuesday and by Wednesday it was clear I needed a covid test. Even though we have been diligent and gotten all of our boosters and have been careful for over three years, it hit me hard while in Frankfurt. So since Tuesday our little family has been battling Corona. We made it back home, Ana was negative until we did and her green card was approved…hooray! But then we have crashed out until now. Little guy had the mildest case and is feeling much better. The two mamas are making their way through this crud.

So here we are, a few weeks into Easter and this is my first blog post…more to come…with the best of intentions!

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