We are all adjusting constantly

There was no doubt that our lives would change drastically when we found out Ana was pregnant. I had a period of grieving about it if I am honest. I liked the way my life was turning out to be with all the sleep and freedom that came with it but as Ana grew, so did my love for the little alien growing inside of her. I remember telling her at an ultrasound that I could see him and already knew I would do anything for that little being.

The day he was born was by c section. He was sitting breech and refused to turn so we had to schedule the time and day our baby would be born. We went in early in the morning because we were the first scheduled c section of the day, our Solstice baby. Ana went in with the medical team first to be prepped and they came to get me 20ish minutes later. I sat by her head and heard the munchkin’s first cry. I gasped, “It’s him!” She looked at me and hadn’t heard him but I had heard our baby’s first cry.

He was brought to us and we cooed and I held the bundle. As they finished Ana’s surgery I followed the baby. They weighed and measured and then asked if I wanted to hold him. I was eager. I sat with this new bundle and said, “Hi baby, I am your mom!’ His eyes opened wide and searched wildly. He knew my voice. He had been crying until this moment but with my voice he went totally calm. Our bond has been from moment one.

We brought him home on Dec. 23rd, just two days later and a bit earlier than we anticipated but were glad to be home. Our first Christmas as a family. In these moments we felt, not just knew, that our lives were drastically different and full of constant change.

The dogs have no problem with this new member and stay pretty close.

Our nights are short but also we yearn for more sleep. The time goes fast because it feels like we are constantly figuring out the next move. Up until recently, he screamed if he wasn’t on one of us and still, he would rather be worn by me around the house than almost anywhere else.

We are constantly adjusting. All of us. And it changes every day. Just now I had a major celebration because I set him down to sleep and he stayed there for like 45 minutes without fuss. I took a SHOWER while he slept. What is this new luxury???? And will it last??? Only time will tell.

And for those who have asked, Germany has amazing benefits for parents and we are so thankful for this time. Ana had 6 weeks off before and 8 weeks off after for what was called Mutterschutz required by law and paid fully at her level of employment. Now she is officially on what is called Elternzeit (parent time) in which she can have up to a year off at a capped pay paid by the state. Our plan is for us both to be full time parents until we move to the States in May or June. Then Ana will return to her remote job and I will be starting work July 1 (more to be announced soon on that front).

All of that to say, there are two of us moms and two dogs that are constantly figuring it all out and one baby who is new here who is learning about everything in the moment. So far we have survived and maybe even are thriving with some sleep deprivation on the side?

Ok, parents what are your fab tips for those infant days?

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  1. toblogtoday says:

    It was a delight to read your blog and I felt your excitement!

  2. David Smith says:

    We are excited at St Paul’s to have you as our Pastor. You are both going through a lot of changes in your lives and now relocating. Please let us know what we can do to make this transition more comfortable for the three of you.

    1. pastorcourt says:

      Thanks so much! We are also excited to be there!

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